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The Video Workshop

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The Video WorkshopFace it. You may work with video all day. Or at the very least, you use it to capture the best moments of your life. But what do you really know about video? Do you know the various high-def formats? Whether video uses an additive or subtractive color system? How to read a video signal on a waveform monitor and vectorscope? Or what compression is really all about? When something is such an important part of your life, it’s a good idea to get to know it better. Rev Up's new online eLearning course can help you do just that.

In The Video Workshop, you have access to ten tutorial movies on different video topics (see below), each with its own short quiz. No pressure – you can take the quiz over and over again! The course also includes a Learn More About It page with links to additional information, websites, and books should you want to expand your knowledge even further. This eLearning course is available at a discounted sale price of just $29.99 until January 15, 2019.

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The Video Quiz!

Ready For a Challenge?

If you can answer these questions correctly, you don't need The Video Workshop. If you can't, you do! Don't put yourself in an awkward position on the job, get The Video Workshop and rev up your video game!

Question 1

What's the difference between spatial and temporal compression?
(Answer is in the Compression module)

Question 2

What's a progressively segmented frame?
(Answer is in the High Definition Television module)

Question 3

Where is the color burst located on a vectorscope?
(Answer is in Horizontal and Vertical Blanking module)



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How Video Works Video Workshop

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Lesson Topics:

Introduction and Welcome

A very short history of how television has progressed from the 1930s to the 21st century.

The Analog Signal

You can't really understand how it all works, without going back to the good old analog days and how it all started.

Color Video

The addictive television color system explained.

The Color Difference Signal

It's a mathematical equation. Once you understand it, it's pretty easy.

Horizontal and Vertical Blanking

The nuts and bolts on how a video signal is calibrated and read on a vectorscope and waveform monitor.

Interlace and Progressive Scanning

Why – and what's the difference?

Digital Television Standards

Who makes them up and why do we need them?

High Definition Television

I'm sure you watch it, but do you know the different formats?

Audio for Video - Part 1

A short history of how audio is recorded. 

Audio for Video - Part 2

Do you know what ASC3 really is?


Lossy, lossless and...huh?


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